We have unique experience using our DrawBot to create a caricature of your guest making their experience unforgettable.


Houston we have a DrawBot!  Flashbar offers a unique service that is sure to make any event unforgettable! Our innovative DrawBot caricature artist takes photos and creates incredibly detailed and realistic caricatures of guests. This exciting feature uses artificial intelligence to interpret facial features and expressions, adding to the entertainment value. It’s no wonder that event planners have made Flashbar a popular choice for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions!

With Flashbar, you can expect exceptional and memorable service. So why not make your next event all the more special with Flashbar’s amazing technology and creativity in action? You won’t be disappointed!

30 second drawings

Our drawbot is an amazing machine that creates incredible sketches in less than 30 seconds. Using precise and intricate programming, it is able to create complex designs quickly and efficiently. The drawbot’s precise movements and accurate positioning allow for stunningly detailed artwork that looks like it was made by a skilled artist. By using advanced algorithms and advanced technology, the drawbot can quickly generate designs that would take a human artist alot longer. Watching the drawbot work its magic, this incredible machine provides an amazing experience that guest won’t soon forget.

Mosaic Option

Use our DrawBot to create a captivating mosaic wall, inviting guests to participate in a collaborative art project. With a variety of colors and materials available, attendees can add their own flair to the evolving masterpiece. This interactive installation fosters creativity, connection, and conversation among participants, leaving a memorable impact on all who engage with it.

Take a Photo
After taking your photo you can apply it to the wall to complete the mosaic
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Complete The Wall
Fun Group experience for all guest to join in on
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Group Project Ideas
Everyone can enjoy this fun experience
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360 Photo Booth

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DrawBot Booth

1 Hour Early Setup

2 Human Attendants

Set up & Break Down

2 DrawBots

Camera PhotoCapture

4×6 DrawBot Sketches

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Houston drawbot

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